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do not forget to propose the change of formal dress

So much relaxation but watch the roadmap
Comfortable and dilated times for long and pleasant receptions to be spent by the pool or on the porches but always draw up a quick timetable when planning the day’s program with the various suppliers.

For example, think that an exaggerated delay of the bride can annoy guests, especially if they are waiting for you under the sun for the ceremony on the beach; same thing for the moment photo after the ritual, so it would be preferable not to wait too long the guests and welcome them in the location with a fresh drink and some appetizers; avoid taking pictures of me under the scorching sun at rush hour, with obvious damage also to natural bridal makeup. Do you want a sparkling idea? At the end of the ceremony, distribute icicles or fresh centrifuged to all the guests.

It does not happen, but what if it happens? Plan B always close at hand
The percentage that can burst some ugly downpour is still reduced compared to winter weddings, but the possibility that all this may happen must always be taken into account. No problem for receptions in the villas or classic reception rooms since, if you have anyway expressed the preference for an external event, in the event of a storm, planning everything in-house is not a problem. The case is different for those who opted for lawns, gardens, beaches or terraces without shelter, so the rental of a structure, even at the last moment cheap designer evening dresses, in agreement with your catering, is the only possible solution.

And for an unforgettable evening post, give life to a party where you can go wild with dancing until late at night. If you would like to organize this happy ending, do not forget to propose the change of formal dress to your guests, indicating in the wedding invitations the theme of end of party so as to formalize your final definitely glamorous, perfect for a wedding in the middle of the most beautiful season and happy with the year.

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