Leather Footwear is Best for Our Feet Period

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  • 27 April 2012

Being raised inside the slums with almost no spare cash at any given time, ‘real’ leather shoes were something of your luxury item of course, if any family actually owned a pair, we were holding usually hand-me-downs or grabbed for peanuts at the local bazaar. But with countless synthetic fabrics around, and large advances in technology, why do leather shoes are such sought after components of footwear for a lot of?
First off, natural leather interiors absorb foot moisture much better than synthetics which can only be good on your feet. Actually a high quality couple of leather footwear is fully lined from cab to tailgate. Well-maintained and polished leather shoes also resist dirt perfectly therefore look good regardless if they’re old.
Leather lasts. Leather is a material that has got over the tanning of hides and skins of animals, so when we talk about leather footwear, we’re usually talking about shoes from cow hide. Would you believe I’ve got a couple of men’s dress shoes with leather uppers and lowers which might be now 14 yrs . old, and they also still appear and feel just fantastic.
Leather lowers do have a tendency to degrade quicker than artificial soles, and consequently many pick the leather upper only, but even so, a top quality upper does indeed produce a better shoe than alternative cheaper options. Leather outsoles are simply using the more expensive shoes. Leather definitely provides a more supportive fit overall and also this is because it adjusts for the natural form of your foot
Man made Italian shoes are symbolic of quality footwear and have a reputation that spans back as far as a brief history of trainers as you may know it. Recent years have experienced a serious demand inside the monochrome slip on shoe particularly, so when they’re produced from such soft leather this means that they are incredibly comfortable too. One proud owner of this kind of pair at our local gentleman’s club said these folks were just like a natural extension to the feet!
There is a disadvantage in leather footwear though that is certainly once it gets wet, it can take a fantastic while to dry out, but that aside, the advantages for leather boots and shoes well outweigh the cons by a good way.
Foot care ought to be around the forefront of everyone’s mind when searching for new shoes and leather really should be a consideration with everyday and smart dress footwear. Using this method, you simply won’t only enjoy the convenience leather, but over time you will save for the initial expense too, as with my case above. Think how many pairs of cheap shoes you could get through in 14 years, and mine have lots of mileage left in them!

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