How to approach and attract women

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  • 23 April 2012

Have you ever noticed how some guys seem to effortlessly walk up to a group of girls and just do their thing. Have you ever wondered what that thing is? There are ways to to this easily by just communicating (sub consciously) a few crucial messages that make women respond, feel comfortable or attracted and end up competing for you, at this point all you have to do is let them do “their thing” and throw in a few subtle little prompts along the way. Sounds all too easy doesn’t it? It very well can be.
Of course you can’t just walk up to a group of women and say nothing at all, that would just be weird. However if you learn how to become the type of man that can create feelings or attraction in a women, If you know how to push the right buttons then all you have is establish in their eyes that you are “the Prize”, you then become “accepted in their group” and you will find that talking to women can be more fun, relaxing and rewarding then ever before.
Next, obviously you want to make a good impression. Dress in a way that communicates style and cleanliness (not money and ego). Present yourself well, learn how to improve your speech and more importantly learn how to communicate more powerfully by using silence and the tone of your voice.
A well timed appropriate silence combined with correct body language says so much more than words can ever communicate.
It doe not matter so much what you say its the message you deliver and how you deliver that message that matters.
Your aim is NOT to get her to like you, your aim is to have her become attracted to you.
There is a difference, you need to drill this into you mind. Your aim is not to please her, your aim is to challenge her, play with her, joke, make her laugh, make her smile when she does smile tell her in a teasing sarcastic way “nice smile” which communicates to her “hey you and I both know the real reason why you’re smiling”.
What would you prefer, a girl who “likes” you and has no attraction to you or a girl who doesn’t like you but she ‘s totally “into” you? I always tell guys I would way prefer to be the hot guy who woman don’t like then the “NICE GUY” who is just a friend, do you get it?
This is not about being a nasty person or anything like that, honestly my heart has all the kindness in the world for the women in my life. That is not the point, the point is that this is the frame of mind you need to take on.
Kindness and niceness is and should be reserved only for those who truly deserve it and have “earned” it, not to be freely given away to a girl you “think” you like. Otherwise you will come across to the girl as creepy.
Think about it, what this does is actually increase your social value and desirability by every one around you. The ideal way to talk to a girl is with the mindset that you are proud and happy to show her and give her the opportunity to meet YOU and see who YOU are. Be selective, girls are the ones who should be worried about whether you like them, not the other way around.

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